CJSC Konsul was established by reorganization of the agricultural company Kolos that was registered in December 1996 in accordance with the Decision issued by the Brest region executive committee. Since its first days, the company develops advanced animal production technologies, contributes to their procurement and effective implementation. This involves interaction on an ongoing basis with a great number of R&D establishments and laboratories, progressive animal and poultry production units and farms, feed and meet factories, selection and breeding centers and stud farms. In particular:

We produce complete feed, protein-vitamin-mineral additives, and premixes as well as supply nonreplaceable amino acids, enzymatic and anti-toxin preparations, acidifying agents, and a broad range of other additives needed for the effective nutritional effect of the basic home-produced feed of the clients.

We develop preventive veterinary programs concerning animal and poultry health improvement and deliver vaccines necessary for implementation of these programs as well as protein-vitamin, mineral, antibacterial, gynecological, antiparasitic, and other medical preparations and disinfectant and antiseptics;

We supply equipment and machinery for livestock farms and complexes, feed processing rooms, feed factories, meat-processing and packing plants that have been reconstructed or are under construction;

We develop systems and methods of pig breeding. We supply pedigree animals, equipment sets for inter-farm stations and intra-farm artificial insemination centers, catheters, semen dilution agents, and other preparations and devices necessary for effective fertilization.

We fulfil requests for loads transportation including animals and meet products both in the Republic of Belarus and abroad.

We co-operate effectively with a great number of foreign companies of the same field.

We hold international seminars together with renowned foreign partners. During these seminars, specialists in zoology and veterinary science of Belarusian livestock complexes and institutions receive information on the new methods of effective improvement of livestock production and exchange experience of their implementation. The farm specialists who we work with are given an opportunity on a regular basis to complete an internship at the top commercial pig units, farms, veterinary institutions and laboratories in Belarus and abroad. In terms of veterinary work, we have the most productive co-operation with the State Veterinary Institute in Pulawy (Poland) with active participation of the world-famous and prominent scientist Professor Zygmunt Pejsak.

Due to constantly growing demand for our services and products, we established branches of CJSC Konsul in all the regions of the Republic of Belarus and in several regions in the Russian Federation apart from the main sci-tech and production divisions, trade departments and production facilities in Brest.

At present, only in the Republic of Belarus we supply feed and feed additives to livestock farms, poultry farms, and feed mills according to the feeding programs developed on the basis of our customers’ feed supplies. We provide farms with vaccines, medicines, and disinfectants according to the veterinary programs.